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Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Malena Cecilia Biroc knew at an early age she had a love for design, and in 1989 came to New York at the age of 19. She worked her way through college, finished at the top of her class at Berkeley College School of Interior Design, during which time she performed her internship at Greenbaum Interiors. Immediately after graduating, she went to work for a variety of top designers such as Barbara Ostrom Interiors, Einstein Moomjy, and then spent seven years as the key designer at Safavieh Home & Carpets.


In 2006 she joined Town & Country Home in northern New Jersey and after many successful years, decided finally to branch out on her own in 2011 with Cecilia B Interiors. Malena’s key to her craft is a desire to make all things beautiful. Whether it’s a small one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey — or an elegant dining room in Florida, replete with fine woodworking, classic furniture and a perfectly (seemingly) out of place transitional collection of artwork — beauty is always at the essence. She possesses an innate sense of the style and comfort level of everyone in a home, and uses her vast creative palette to bring to life spaces that are intriguing and inviting. Spaces that delight a new guest, relax an old friend, but most importantly always make a statement. As of June 2022, Cecilia B Interiors' design studio is located within Alpha Interiors Group in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Malena finds beauty and inspiration in all things: music, art, photography and the amazing woods, colors, fabrics, and textures that create and design a home. Her philosophy is simple, “Find something in your home you absolutely love, and build your home around it.”

Malena Biroc, owner of Cecilia B Interiors
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